Global Prosperity at the Clayton Christensen Institute

In July, 2016, we created the Global Prosperity vertical at the Christensen Institute. Our mission at the Global Prosperity unit at the Christensen Institute is to develop and disseminate accessible innovation theories that will not only lead to a better understanding of how to create prosperity, but also on how to sustain it. The timing could not be more crucial for this research group.

Every year, many governments, nonprofit organizations, and development institutions around the world spend hundreds of billions of dollars trying to create and sustain economic prosperity. While a majority of these efforts are targeted primarily at low- and middle-income countries where poverty is rife, many wealthy countries also struggle to create and sustain prosperity that provides opportunity for their citizens.

Thus, our research is motivated by this simple question: Where does lasting prosperity come from?

Since we began this group, we have presented our research at several influential conferences and institutions including, Harvard Business School, the World Bank, the USAID, the Qatar Foundation, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Global Peter Drucker Forum, and the Inter-American Development Bank, and several others.

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